30th October
6pm — The Bluecoat
John Walter Artist's Talk


Artist John Walter talks about Alien Sex Club, a multimedia visual art project which explores the relationship between visual culture and HIV today. The aim is to provide audiences with a new vocabulary for understanding and talking about HIV and the factors contributing to its transmission. Alien Sex Club also involves artists and HIV specialists, clinical academics and scientists working together on three collaborations presented as live events on three consecutive Saturdays.


John Walter (born 1978, Dartford) works in a range of media including drawing, painting, performance, video, music and sculpture. His installations are grounded in theoretical and empirical research, and they seduce visitors into engaging with complex and often uncomfortable subjects such as sexual health through his exuberant use of colour, humour and hospitality. Walter creates fictions that begin with his personal experience and quote the voices of others, weaving them together into new epic works. The term ‘Maximalist’, which best describes his work, refers to an additive practice that values the relationships between things rather than their qualities in isolation. Walter’s work is visually intricate, returning to specific lexicons of imagery such as tarot cards, which allow meanings to develop within multiple contexts.
7th November
2pm — The Bluecoat
Frances Disley
Artist Frances Disley demystifies the jargon, statistics and modes of dissemination associated with HIV and visual arts in collaboration with Dr Valerie Delpech.

Frances Disley is based at the Royal Standard Liverpool she co-run’s MODEL, lectures in Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University and manages the print studios at Bluecoat. She studied at the Royal College of Art. Recent exhibitions include Exchange Rates with Patte Loper at Schema Projects, New York, Scouse House, Syson Gallery Nottingham, No Grey Areas, HA HA Gallery, Southampton and solo shows at White Wizard, Liverpool, Paper Gallery in Manchester, and Graphikwerkshdadt, Cologne.

This event will take place at Bluecoat.

14th November
2pm — The Bluecoat
Mark Scott-Wood

Mark Scott Wood

Artist Mark Scott-Wood creates new work for an event exploring props, tools, habits and rituals in collaboration with HIV nurse Janey Sewell.
Mark Scott-Wood studied at Norwich School of Art and Design and Byam Shaw School of Art. Recent exhibitions include ‘Test Space Open’ at Spike Island, Bristol, ‘Business as Usual’ (a touring show curated by Perce Jerrom) and ‘Putt Putt #2′ at Turf Projects, Croydon.

He is driven by a desire to explore materials and the processes they can endure. The work he makes is inspired by the natural world and how humans relate to it. This manifests itself through play and attempts to create new myths and legends or – an alternative modern day folklore.

This event will take place at Bluecoat.

21st November
4pm — Camp and Furnace
Susannah Hewlett
S Hewlett ASC event image.
A collaborative presentation using good old words and pictures by performance artist Susannah Hewlett and clinical epidemiologist Professor Sheena McCormack . Expect facts, jokes and messages from the other side…..Susannah Hewlett works in live art, comedy, theatre, sound and video. She has performed and screened work for Barbican, Tate, Live Art UK, Loco Comedy Film Festival and at various events in New York. She is a Duckie associate artist. She is interested in the scarier side of popular culture and explores this in videos & site specific shows including the cult comedy horror in a caravan ‘Barbara and Yogashwara’s Safe Space’. As if having one wasn’t bad enough – her alter ego is Chris Titmas an ego-meniacal shopping channel host, through whose eyes she gets to see some horrible stuff.
This event will take place at John Walter’s Alien Sex Club exhibition at Camp and Furnace and is being live streamed to Bluecoat.
Thursday 13 August
6.30 - 9.30pm — Ambika P3
Let's Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs - Aliens

LTGSD logo   Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs is an open communication forum for anyone to come talk about how they perceive sex and drug use amongst the gay male community of London. No judgement and no villainising drugs for the sake of it, just an open and honest discussion. Everyone who wants to speak gets five minutes and all are welcome, whether to speak or listen. Free entry.   We’re honoured to join the Alien Sex Club for our August event, where we’ll be discussing the them of ‘aliens’. Most of us felt alienated growing up as gay, how come now some of us feel alienated by the modern gay scene? Is drug use part of that sense of alienation and how far is it intertwined with our sex? How far do we live in the alien’s shadow of HIV?   LTGSD   LTGSD Truth

Saturday 8 August
2pm — Ambika P3

Artist Tim Spooner and David Stuart (dispersed throughout Alien Sex Club)   kQ596XIA-WWR7kLchNRvgrspHQaSzLpVinmJ--gXcpqJMIQFi8oHvZi7d2qOzRFoHcBSDPaQPvTBqUOD_tfnE2aeaZ_XPXPsuSZBCwpxBHHy8-RDN59BUpqJoUNfLxTYN74RGWPvyGJhe_ZelWThT0xAz3El   TSODMHXtuRuudA0YsHeMh4BVniCjH7CSJ01hDvMNDW5XDHagHGYe9VRTrh3Dfsc5KseRg4aMorRSPL3YTnfj7FVGSasmwWtqpo0LJWMmqiqSC1_II6ZvmeL1yCzeZrGwMzIUmvTGwef1Uy_db46RjfQoAGjA   A succession of encounters and exchanges between spongy puppet protagonists which consider ChemSex on emotional and molecular levels. In a series of substance transfers between absorbent and porous bodies, patterns of perforations, effervescences and surrenders repeat relentlessly.   IgCUNEnoTErVfP1kA371NOMfaY9rEzGTijt69it7IvBhtYyriHs5I2HsnfRzykEMHEkoWKnPOe3UNdv-vYVTZkg-CwLHJU5Si3le2sQjPgX8vC_zlcgOzj4ctzOGRzprf1BERJezafNfHtSrqLG2PP1fz1S8   Tim Spooner is an artist working in performance, painting and sculpture. His work uses materials and objects in ways that reveal unexpected properties, aiming to open up perspectives beyond the human scale. Fundamentally interested in unpredictability, his live work is an exercise in balancing control with a lack of it in the handling of the materials he is working with.   Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 07.30.02 David Stuart is the Substance Use Lead at London’s 56 Dean Street (GUM/HIV services), addressing the sexualised drug use behaviours of MSM, commonly referred to as ChemSex. David has developed tailored interventions and care pathways for ChemSex trends, and has been instrumental in putting ChemSex on the Public Health agenda as well as pioneering the NHS and community responses. David also manages the Dean Street Wellbeing programme, which engages communities in sexual wellbeing dialogue by the means of creative, fun and educational public events.

Saturday 1 August
2pm — Ambika P3 - balcony
These twelve things are True

Vera Chok and Dr Michael Brady (running time 20mins)   IMG_3638 Photo by Lucy Pawlak   but I dont know Frequent testing for HIV = Good Why We see things we see things where What                    Testing Are these                    testing moments? Yes                    Good Everything is surmountable, darling Everything a promise, and you                    Test how I feel about   A lyric composition of live and recorded text inspired by conversations between Dr Michael Brady and Vera Chok, grown from the frustration and ease surrounding HIV detection.   Vera Chok is a writer and performance maker. She makes work which draws on theatrical practices and anthropology. Real and imagined spaces are created and collage employed to test connection and miscommunication and the duration of each. Solo performances include work for Tempting Failure Festival, Live Art Speed Date, Nathan Evans’ I Love You But…, Fanny Peculiar’s Hellfire Club, Anti-Slam, and Mary Bijou Cabaret. Vera is part of the National Theatre company, and has appeared in the West End, and in TV, films and radio. Vera founded saltpeter, an experimental theatre company, and The Brautigan Book Club, an international creative society, and produced far-reaching projects to instigate long-term positive change in the areas of diversity, literacy, and artistic expression.   Michael Brady is a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV at Kings College Hospital, where he is the Clinical Lead for Sexual Health Services. Working in South London, where rates of sexually transmitted infections and HIV are particularly high, has meant Michael has focused on developing new models of both sexual health and HIV services that aim to improve access and patient experience. These include the development of community based HIV services in partnership with primary care, delivering and evaluating nurse delivered HIV and sexual health services and the provision of on-line services.

Saturday 25 July
2pm — Ambika P3
Come to my party…Loads of Charlie

Artist Jordan McKenzie and Dr Ford Hickson How to Spot a Cocaine User - Step 3 Image taken from How To Spot A Cocaine User – Step Three: Perspiring   Come to my party…Loads of Charlie is a collaboration between Dr Ford Hickson, course director in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and visual performance artist Jordan McKenzie. Based on interviews and articles about chemsex between gay and bisexual men including the fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whose party invite forms the title of the piece, this durational work will be performed by Yeast London Cabaret. Arriving as if rejects from a Warhol set, the unearthly Oozing Gloop, Finn Love, Rodent DeCay and Ellis D assemble for a first reading of a prose/poem composed by McKenzie and London based writer Andy White. Watch them stumble over their lines and through the maze, as they make mistakes, kill the script and maybe fuck it up completely. It could be boring, it may well be an anti-climax, it may even be the most cringe-worthy thing you have ever witnessed but rest assured, it’ll be a hook-up you’ll never forget.   Jordan McKenzie is a visual and performance artist and lecturer in Fine Art at the University for the Arts London. Working across the fields of performance, drawing, sculpture, installation and film, his work has been shown in many prestigious galleries, arts centres and festivals including Tate Britain, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Arnolfini Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Bluecoat Gallery, Museu Serralves Portugal, DOLL space Switzerland, International Festival of Performance Art Russia and Grace Space New York.   Dr Ford Hickson lecturer in health promotion and a Course Director for the MSc Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Ford worked at the Terrence Higgins Trust and at Frontliners in the late 1980s and joined Sigma Research in 1990. Sigma Research joined LSHTM in 2011. Ford has spent the last twenty five years researching and describing patterns of sex between men, particularly with reference to HIV transmission. He lead the design of England’s National Gay Men’s Sex Survey 1993-2014. In 1998 he co-authored the national HIV prevention strategy for gay and bisexual men (Making It Count) with a group of community health promoters, which was subsequently adopted by the Department of Health. His doctoral thesis was on Authority, HIV and Sex between Men. Ford has co-authored 38 peer reviewed journal articles and two books, as well as numerous monographs and book chapters.  

Saturday 25 July 2015
1pm — Ambika P3
Exhibition tour

john_ellen   Exhibition tour with artist John Walter and curator Ellen Mara De Wachter